2016: the year of spaciousness

Because there's more to life than work

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Far from the madding crowd

Honestly, I must have sweated in every situation known to man in the last week – hot cars, hot meeting rooms and last night was the final straw when my train broke down between stations with standing room only. My hour-long journey home turned into two and a half hours with a lot of other grumpy, hot and sweaty travellers. So it was bliss today to have no meetings, be working from home and be able to sit around with shorts and a vest on and my hair in a pony tail.  Lunch in the garden under our prolifically flowering white climbing rose (Rosa mulliganii, if you’re interested) was a real treat.



When I originally planted it under the cherry, I wanted it to look like the cherry was flowering again in July. It hasn’t quite worked like that as it’s very vigorous and changes direction all the time, but this year it’s formed a natural arch over one of our paths and is looking really lovely. And really delighted with the larkspur in my pots that has just come into flower – such a beautiful deep blue.


Wishing you all a cool, relaxing and sun filled Friday evening…off out to enjoy the rest of it myself.