2016: the year of spaciousness

Because there's more to life than work


Cherry blossom time


IMG_2697The light today has been just wonderful, and although I’ve had a long day at my laptop I had to keep sneaking out into the garden to catch as much of the spring rush as possible. You can almost see the cherry opening – no wonder they have celebrations of this in Japan.


IMG_2698And for the first time this year it was just warm enough to head into the garden after work to sit and enjoy the sunshine – admittedly with a scarf on as the wind is still chilly, but that didn’t matter.

IMG_2701I don’t want to miss a second of this spectacular colour.



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Blossom time



This is proving to be a seriously good spring for all types of flowers – tulips are coming out all over the garden, the forget-me-nots are just getting into their stride and I don’t think I ever remember seeing so many flowers on the magnolia and camellia.


IMG_2671To give you an idea of scale, I can just about stretch to reach the top of the magnolia, and the camellia outgrew me a few years back. We planted both of them the year we moved into this house over 20 years ago and they’ve brightened every spring since.

IMG_2672Today had been grey with low cloud until about 5pm when the sky cleared and there was the most amazing low angled sun lighting up all the flowers.

IMG_2677I’d been reading the Portraits of Wildflowers blog earlier today about the amazing wild flower meadows in Texas at this time of year and thinking how marvellous it must be to see that. But honestly, the forget-me-nots, celandines and all the other parts of an English spring aren’t half bad either.



Blue Monday

Not a blue mood – just a realisation of how much blue there was in the garden today! Hyacinths,


IMG_2601The white splash in the middle of their petals seems to fade as they get older.

IMG_2614Forget me nots



IMG_2607Grape hyacinths

IMG_2611And over it all – the bluest of skies.

002Hope your Monday was filled with only the good blues 🙂

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Bringing the outside in

Too cold and blustery today to be outside much, so picked some flowers to enjoy them before the wet weather hit. A small vase of lily of the valley, forget me nots and spring beauty (the pink ones) scented my office beautifully.


And these camellia flowers were just too lovely to not admire at closer quarters.

IMG_1296The vase (which you can just see) is one of my favourites, it was my late mother-in-law’s from Lancaster Pottery and has the most beautiful lustre to it.

We’ve been deprived of my other half’s speciality – bespoke flapjacks – since he broke his arm a few weeks ago, so he coached me today on the production of some banana and raspberry ones. Not quite up to the maestro’s standard, but still very nice with a wind down coffee at the end of the day.

IMG_1298I didn’t make them with that gap, but clearly a couple had to be removed for sampling purposes before I could take a photo.