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Spring’s on its way!


2014 is turning out to be such a contrast to 2013. Last year, it was March before I saw the crocuses coming up in the garden – in fact, it was one of the first entries on my nice new blog last year. I stepped out the door though this morning to be greeted by this early bird:

IMG_2424I’d say in a couple of weeks or so the garden will be full of these. These are really early crocuses (Crocus tomassinianus, if you want its Sunday name!) and are a fantastic crocus to grow as they seed themselves. I bought a pack of ten a few years ago and we now have literally hundreds all over the front garden. They are also much earlier to flower than the big Dutch hybrids (the fat,velvety ones in deep purple, yellow and with stripes that you see all over parks), and I love them for the fact that, as is the case in my garden this year, they’re often out before the snowdrops.

The other bulbs (daffodils, grape hyacinths, irises and chionodoxas) are also progressing well:

IMG_2425There’s something about bulbs that makes me so happy. I think it’s the fact that they reliably appear when everything around them seems dead and grey, a real, tangible reminder that the year is on the turn and warmer days are coming. The sun is setting slightly later now and I notice that from tomorrow, where I live, it’ll be around until 16.31. That’s nearly a full 45 mins more of daylight since Christmas. I also can’t wait for a bit of dryer weather: we’ve been incredibly lucky here compared to many parts of the UK that have had such awful flooding, but everywhere is still dank and muddy, and a couple of weeks of dry weather would be a real delight. I’ll keep hoping…but the bulbs are a sign that good things are getting nearer.



9 thoughts on “Spring’s on its way!

  1. Ah, so nice to see spring bulbs sprouting up, so cheerful! Lovely captures!

    • Looks like they’re still a way off in your neck of the woods…but all that snow is beautiful too, hope you’re staying warm.

      • Haha that’s an understatement! Spring is a very long way off yet. It’ll be April before we see the likes of any lovely bulbs sprouting up here. I’m sure I’ll be complaining of a serious case of spring fever around March. 😉 But the snow really is absolutely beautiful! It’s supposed to be in the mid 30’s temperature-wise here, and I’ve convinced my adult daughter to go out with me and play outside in the snow a bit later today. 😀

      • That sounds like fun – enjoy! 🙂

  2. I planted some of those early crocuses this year too. No sign of flowers on them yet, but I’ll be delighted if they multiply like yours have!

  3. Lovely, hopeful pictures. I didn’t know about crocuses that seed themselves – I shall have to get some to plant in the autumn!

    • Honestly, they’re such good value – lots of bulbs get less and less as the years go by (like tulips) but these just get more and more, and they’re so pretty they’re never a problem.

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