2016: the year of spaciousness

Because there's more to life than work

Merry Christmas!


I’ve just hit that wonderful ‘pause’ point where you know there are no more ‘to dos’ to get out of the way and just nice stuff lies ahead. This Christmas season has been great for me as I’ve had a long run up to it – for years now Christmas hasn’t felt special at all and I think a lot of that was because I generally worked all day on Christmas Eve and was back at work on the 27th…not much time to get festive really. Being my own boss this year has enabled me to have a proper break, and along the way a lot of the sparkle and magic has returned.

Dramatic sun and showers today:




Shortly after this a huge hailstorm hit – and then straight after we had sun again. We headed down to the beach and dunes for a walk. Staggering to see the damage from the St Jude’s storm the other week – an entire jetty has been picked up and thrown about 100 yards away at right angles to its original position. Thee are tree trunks and masses of debris everywhere – will be interesting to see how the dunes recover from this reshaping next year.

I always think it looks so odd to see snow on sand:



The wind was icy, so we headed to our favourite coffee shop for a cake and a warning brew (plus a very welcome tot of port!) before home to finish wrapping the presents and make the tiramisu ready for tomorrow.

IMG_2361Merry Christmas everybody!


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