2016: the year of spaciousness

Because there's more to life than work


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I always love this day – it feels like the year is turning again and all of the delights of another year and another spring to come are laid out before you. Logically, I know we haven’t even hit winter yet, but it doesn’t stop me feeling ridiculously optimistic. Tiny step by tiny step, after today there will be more light each day, and in the next couple of weeks we’ll start to see the first bulbs pushing their way up. If ever there was a time for anticipation, this is it.

I finished work yesterday for Christmas and am thoroughly enjoying all the preparation for the big day. Most of the food is bought (in a surprisingly quiet store), presents are wrapped (though need more bows and ribbon), and there’s time for stories by the fire with coffee and mince pies. I’ve also dug out some of my favourite festive reads: one of them I thought would be worth sharing with you:

IMG_2336The book is ‘Images of Christmas’ by Dorothy Boux and Eliane Wilson and it’s all handwritten in this beautiful calligraphy script. I’ve had the book since I was a teenager – calligraphy was one of my pastimes then – and every Christmas I look at it again and the poems, drawings and stories still enchant me.

IMG_2337Do you have any favourite festive reads to recommend? If so, please share!



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