2016: the year of spaciousness

Because there's more to life than work

First frost


Fabulously frosty this morning first thing, so ended up running round the back garden in my dressing gown trying to capture it before the sun melted it all.



You could actually hear and see the leaves falling – like autumn fast forwarded – on the magnolia. It only started to turn colour a few days ago, but the leaves were just tumbling off it this morning. I love how as the leaves fall you can already see the furry white buds that’ll be bringing the flowers next spring.


And indeed, by ten o’clock, it was all gone. End of November is quite late really for the first frost to hit, but I do love the way it makes you want to get all snuggled up inside and make comforting meals like casseroles. So of course, I went for a run in the freezing air, but that too was quite special: beautiful visibility to the distant hills with mist hanging in the valleys.


4 thoughts on “First frost

  1. Lovely images! Haha it’s funny you were out there running around in the freezing air in your dressing gown to snap them, I can totally relate! And I can also relate to the feeling of wanting to get all snuggled up inside and make comforting meals! Great post, thanks for sharing! Stay cozy! 😀

  2. We had our first real frost this week and the images it created were amazing…I do hate the cold that requires 4 layers of clothing.

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