2016: the year of spaciousness

Because there's more to life than work

It ain’t over till it’s over…

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I might have called it a finale a few days ago, but it’s clear that autumn is hanging on for a few encores. It was absolutely perfect today, although a busy work schedule meant I only had a brief chance to pop into the garden for some photos, as well as shiver at the sudden drop in temperature. Every bit of colour today was pin sharp – even the puddles were reflecting the corals and oranges in the garden:

IMG_2226But the reality was even more dazzling!


IMG_2227Cherries have two glory moments in the year – the week when they flower, and the week when they drop their leaves. The rest of the time, you don’t look twice, but it’s worth the 50 weeks of dullness for the two of such beauty you can’t help but gaze at them. Even those on the ground are glorious.

IMG_2229We’re at the cusp though – in the shadier part of the garden, even thought the sun was brilliant overhead and not a cloud could be seen, winter was pushing at the gate.



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