2016: the year of spaciousness

Because there's more to life than work

Sunday outing

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Finally, a bright and sunny day that meant I could get a few decent photographs. I’m finding it harder to get inspiration for blogging when the light levels are so poor – everything seems permanently in gloom or artificial light. We headed out to the dunes for a walk to see a particularly brilliant patch of reeds that my other half had seen when he was out running earlier in the week.

IMG_2101I really love this part of town – you feel such a long way from everyone and everything, and there are so many paths that you never take the same walk twice. We still keep finding parts we’ve never seen before.


IMG_2117You get a good idea of the terrain in the above photo – loads of little hills, infant woodlands and every now and again fantastic glimpses across the bay as you reach the crest of a dune. Also, in the middle of the picture, you can just see the magnificent sweep of reeds that fills the whole of one hollow with silky, feathery reeds as tall as my head.


I’d never seen reeds en masse like this before and they were just stunning in the bright sun.


IMG_2127I could just imagine the characters from ‘The Wind in the Willows’ exploring the little streams round here.

Tea tonight was appropriately hearty after all the fresh air and exercise: leek, potato and celery soup…


IMG_2134…followed by apple and sultana crumble with custard. Easy prep food for a restful Sunday.



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