2016: the year of spaciousness

Because there's more to life than work


Sunny spot

IMG_2060The picture of contentment…Tilly fast asleep in my office this morning. A spot of tranquility in a busy day.


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Some days, you just need to run…

I have been so grateful recently for getting back into a regular running practice. I’m still only doing short distances – about 2.5 miles – but it’s getting more each week, and I just love the way that everything else fades away once I set off. There’s a lot of stuff getting me down right now, but running is one thing that really helps. Especially on a day like today where the sun is warm and colours seem extra bright.

IMG_2051How can anyone not be cheered up by those amazing primary colours?? And how great it is that some planning person back in the thirties thought about planting trees on the streets that I run through every week! One road near where I live is lined with apple, pear and plum trees – they’re getting a bit old now and have noticed that as the council remove them they’re replaced by non-fruiting ones. I suppose they’re more concerned these days about being sued by someone slipping on windfalls, but what a missed opportunity to encourage people to pick and eat fruit.

IMG_2052Not that the other trees aren’t lovely too – this rowan was dazzling in the sun.

IMG_2053I do find that taking photos makes me look at things more closely, just like drawing does. The range of colours on this tree isn’t obvious at a distance, but when you get up close it’s just mind boggling.

Half an hour and a couple of miles later, things were seeming much better. We may not get fall colours like America does over here (if you want to see some truly stunning foliage shots have a look at Rowdy Kitten’s blogpost earlier this week), but it’s not half bad 🙂

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Showery day

Lots of blustery showers coming in from the sea today and wasn’t totally convinced by my other half’s proposal for a walk in the dunes, although once we got out it was just lovely. You can see right along the coast and the view kept changing all the time – it was raining at our end of town but 10 minutes drive away at the start of our walk the sun was shining.

IMG_2021The dunes have become such a part of the pattern of our lives this year that it’s hard to believe that we’d rarely been there in the past, despite having lived in this town since we were born.

IMG_2020I love the contrast between the small details – like these peachy sea buckthorn berries – and the big scale landscape of sea, dunes and sky. My other half likes the hundreds of paths that mean you can run for miles without doing the same route twice. And we both relish the solitude, and the ever-present feeling of ‘I can’t believe this is on our doorstep’.

IMG_2028About a minute after taking this picture the rain hit, but it was still beautiful walking along the almost deserted beach with the wind at our backs, seeing what had been washed up by the just-starting-to-retreat tide. We saw this beautiful cockle.

IMG_2029Back home for some hot pies and a steaming mug of tea for lunch – happy Sunday everyone 🙂

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Good things about Autumn No. 3

IMG_19821. Your lunchtime walk (running off the agenda till I shake this cough) is suddenly a lot more colourful.

IMG_19922. Blue sky looks a whole lot bluer when contrasted with golden leaves.

IMG_19933. Scrunching through the leaves is on the agenda once more.

IMG_19974. Potatoes dauphinoise for tea seems entirely appropriate and a wise precaution to keep the cold out 🙂


The positive side of having a cold

  • You have a good excuse for not working over the weekend
  • You can’t taste anything, so you eat less which means you can make up for it when you’re better
  • You get to regress to childhood with cold cures (always Schweppes bitter lemon in our household, weirdly. My mum insisted the quinine in it made you better.)
  • Sitting around in your dressing gown for half the day is expected rather than a sign that you’re on a spiral of decline
  • Basic tasks that require no brain power get done because you’re too tired to do anything else – I sewed up a hat yesterday that I actually finished knitting last February. It took just 20 minutes.


  • Once you start feeling better you feel fantastic – I’ve just been for a run round the local park, seen squirrels, marvelled at the leaves turning, dodged kids knocking conkers down from trees and feel utterly brilliant.

Cold – what cold?

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Autumn arrives

IMG_1948It’s just drifting into autumn round here…really mild, but feels like everything’s having one last push before winter.



And hundreds of geese going overhead at sunset each night that are impossible to photo as they cover the whole sky  – how can any photo do justice to that annual miracle? I haven’t tried – but I may try a sound recording another night so you can get an idea of their huge numbers. Autumn is definitely here.