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Making scones while the sun shines

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Beautiful blue skies here today and seemed like a perfect opportunity to get the patio chairs out one last time this year. Which of course demands afternoon tea of some kind…and setting the table. Flowers are essential:

IMG_1866Something to eat is the next thing, which led me to have another bash at making scones. I used this recipe, but used semi skimmed milk instead of buttermilk, substituted 5g of the SR flour with baking powder for a better rise and added 25g sultanas as I like fruit in my scones. I also warmed the milk just slightly before mixing it in.

IMG_1870Very pleased out how they turned out looks wise – much better risen than my usual attempts. But of course you can’t tell anything till the taste test…so we carried this out as soon as R got back from his bike ride.

IMG_1872I’m happy to report that they weren’t just the best scones I’ve ever made, but some of the best I’ve ever eaten, anywhere – recipe written down right away to make sure I don’t lose it!



One thought on “Making scones while the sun shines

  1. sounds like a good plan. what a gorgeous photo!

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