2016: the year of spaciousness

Because there's more to life than work

Good Things About Autumn No. 1


The sudden drop in temperature combined with gale force winds means that an afternoon’s baking no longer leaves me pouring with sweat and opening every door and window to cool down…and copious amounts of blackberries mean that it would be foolish not to use them up, right? So this afternoon was dedicated to blackberry, lemon and sour cream cake.

IMG_1810 The recipe was adapted from a Good Housekeeping one for blueberry and sour cream loaf. I swapped the blueberries for blackberries and the vanilla essence for lemon zest, and used more crumble topping – my usual blend of 50g plain flour with 50g butter rubbed in, 25g caster sugar stirred in at the end and a handful of flaked almonds. I didn’t have a 2lb loaf tin so used a 20cm springform tin and it turned out just fine cooked for the same length of time.


IMG_1812I can also report that it goes excellently with a cafetiere of coffee, particularly after a blustery walk along the pier to justify the reward.


4 thoughts on “Good Things About Autumn No. 1

  1. Looks really delicious, the crumble topping is a nice touch!

    • Thanks Sinead – I’m a bit of a crumble fanatic so I do like bakes with this on top, I also like the fact that you get a nice contrasting crunch with the soft cake underneath!

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