2016: the year of spaciousness

Because there's more to life than work

Butterflies galore

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Beautiful day from first thing today, with the dew thick on the lawn. All the drops sparkled different colours as the sun hit it – spent quite a while lying on the grass trying to capture it but think it’s beyond my photography skills!


After us saying earlier in the year that we’d never seen so few butterflies, the hot weather in July and August has certainly reversed that trend. There were literally hundreds of blue butterflies dancing around when we went for a walk by the lake yesterday – we even had them landing on our backs and heads!


IMG_1729It’s hard to see when they move around so fast, but there seemed to be lots of different types – you can see the two above have totally different markings. We went for a walk down the dunes before lunch today and there were even more, plus one I’d never seen before:

IMG_1752I think it’s a clouded yellow, but please let me know if you know butterflies well and I’m on the wrong track! Beautiful and peaceful down by the sea – the tourists were all up the other end by the candy floss stalls and ice cream vans. We came across a whole valley filled with rosebay willowherb – you can just see the back of my head in the top right of the picture below which gives you an idea of how tall they were.

IMG_1756Back home for a cup of tea and a slice of the blackberry and apple cake which turned out really well yesterday. Just a basic sponge – 175g of butter, sugar and flour with 3 eggs made by the creaming method. Stir in 1 cored and chopped apple and a load of blackberries at the end, then some more blackberries sprinkled on top and covered with a crumble mixture (50g flour and butter rubbed together with 25g sugar stirred in at the end with a handful of almonds and 1/4 tsp cinnamon). Baked in a 20cm springform at Gas 5 for 1 hr – honestly think it’s one of the best cakes I’ve ever made, really moist.

IMG_1734Hope you’re having a great Bank Holiday too!


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