2016: the year of spaciousness

Because there's more to life than work

The joys of skiving off

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Well, it wasn’t really skiving…I worked all weekend, so firmly closed the laptop at 12 and headed off out to get some air. Bitterly cold wind so we planned a walk behind some big dunes, hoping for a bit of shelter. We didn’t find shelter, but we did find…orchids!

IMG_1558I’ve never seen orchids in this particular bit of the dunes before, and all of them were growing on just one small dune. According to my book I think this is a pyramidal orchid – there were about 20 of them. But then I was beyond excited as we saw something I’ve never seen before – a bee orchid.

IMG_1562Apologies for the blurriness – the wind was so strong they kept moving! But was so excited to see one that I wanted to share it with you. We spotted four altogether. Really great day for wild flowers, loads of sea holly too:

IMG_1557Windswept and happy, we followed the walk up with a picnic of cheese and onion pies in the car, had a browse round a bookshop and the library, and headed home for a bask in the garden. Total cost of afternoon: under £2.00. Satisfaction levels – priceless.


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