2016: the year of spaciousness

Because there's more to life than work



IMG_1542Self seeded opium poppy growing in a crack in our patio.

IMG_1544Black and white oriental poppy I grew from seed…

IMG_1545…and a scarlet one I grew from seeds that my late mum-in-law gave me when we first got this garden twenty years ago.

IMG_1546Yes, I know it’s an iris, and the title of this post is a bit misleading, but the bee was so cute and they are such stunning plants to photograph!

IMG_1547Been in front of a laptop or in meetings in a room with no windows today, so lovely to come home, appreciate the flowers in the garden before the rain arrives, and go for a walk round the block. The air’s really still and warm, so we kept getting hits of honeysuckle, roses and night scented stock as we walked along, while swallows whirled above chasing insects. Lovely, peaceful wind down from a busy day.


7 thoughts on “Poppies

  1. I’ve never seen a black and white poppy before! I always see red ones,

  2. sounds wonderful. I love poppies but have not mastered them. When I plant them,, nothing happens. Last summer I scattered some seeds, nothing. This year, a crop of them in that spot! I figure I should just give up and let them be where they want when they want.

  3. They can be quite temperamental…if you’re growing annual ones (like the ones we used to see in cornfields), they like poor soil, quite rough treatment and disturbed ground – hence why they bloomed all over the World War 1 battlefields. The oriental ones come up every year and are best if you start them off in small seed trays, prick out individually when very small and plant in the garden as soon as you can. All poppies have long tap roots and hate being disturbed. Worth having another go!

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