2016: the year of spaciousness

Because there's more to life than work

Saturday sunshine

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Saturday. Knitting group, food shopping, garden tidying and garden lounging as the sun came out and got stronger and stronger.


Wish June would go on forever…


IMG_1518Rounded off by tea of pasta with courgettes, garlic, pinenuts, marsala, sultanas and parmesan. Looks gross, tastes phenomenal. Slow cook 1 courgette in a little oil and butter with 1 clove garlic and a little seasoning for 35 mins till soft. Soak 25g sultanas in 25ml warmed marsala and stir into the courgettes at the end. Stir courgette mixture into 175g pasta and top with 12g toasted pinenuts and 50g grated parmesan. Serves 2 (can’t remember where the recipe came from – it’s not mine but I cook it a lot). Best served on a sunny patio with some chilled white wine. Close your eyes and the smell will make you think you’re in Italy.


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