2016: the year of spaciousness

Because there's more to life than work

Looking with fresh eyes

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I always like coming back from holiday and seeing where I live again with new eyes. Sometimes this isn’t so good (remember being amazed by the traffic one year after two weeks in a very quiet bit of North West Scotland), but usually it’s great – my mind has slowed down,  and I’ve got used to gazing at things and taking time to properly soak it all in. We’ve just spent half an hour sitting on the patio in the evening sun watching the light change as the sun sank lower and moved across the garden, and I didn’t feel the need to get a book, tidy something in the garden or make mental lists – it was enough just to be there. Not doing a lot, just absorbing the mellow light and the scent from the roses. Want to continue the holiday mindset for as long as possible (and have had a very hectic work day today – so it is possible).

We headed down to the dunes yesterday to catch up on things there. I’ve never seen as many seeds on the willows – it was like someone had shaken out the stuffing of a cushion all over – you can just see the layer of fluff at the bottom of this picture.


May blossom was fully in flower in June – I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw it this late.


The bird’s foot trefoil (also known as ‘bacon and eggs’ – I assume because of the colour) was starting to form a huge carpet across the gravel bed of the overflow car park.

IMG_1500And one of my favourite wildflowers – viper’s bugloss – was just coming out. This is such an amazing plant!





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