2016: the year of spaciousness

Because there's more to life than work

Baby starling bonanza

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IMG_1371IMG_1378IMG_1379The baby starlings are everywhere at the moment. Bobbing about in the cherry tree, ricocheting off the hawthorn and shouting constantly for more and more food. Their parents were delighted when we threw out some bread this morning as it gave them chance to just stay in one place and stuff as much food as they could down their greedy little mouths. The pics are a bit blurred as I was shooting through the patio door, but didn’t want to frighten them off!

The babies actually seem bigger than the adults, but that’s not really surprising as the adults seem to be wearing themselves into a frazzle keeping up with their offspring’s demands…

Late sun gave me the chance to take some shots of the garden – cow parsley is in full flower now and the alliums are just coming out too.



Herbs are settling nicely into their new pots as well – won’t have to get wet feet going down the garden now on a rainy day if just need a few handfuls for tea.



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