2016: the year of spaciousness

Because there's more to life than work

Afternoon off

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Hit a sudden pause in my workload today after a lot of long days and suddenly thought ‘Ooh – I can have an afternoon off!’. The sun had come out, it was wild and blustery and so we headed down to the nature reserve by the beach for a bracing walk. It’s usually fairly sheltered in the dunes, but even there you couldn’t totally get away from the strong, cold gales. Lovely to see how much everything had come on though since my last visit. There’s one hollow that is full of cowslips at this time of year, and it’s the only place they grow in the whole area.

IMG_1346Hard to believe they were once so common that people made wine from them. The only time I ever saw them when I was growing up was on a holiday in Yorkshire, and I still get a kick out of seeing so many near where I live. So much blossom today – first apple…

IMG_1349And then lilac – 3 huge trees of it all close together, so the scent was just amazing, even the wind couldn’t blow it all away.

IMG_1352I never skived off school as a kid, but it felt like a kind of guilty pleasure to be out today enjoying the sun and the flowers and the wildness of it all while others were stuck at their desks. But really it was an earned pleasure and I didn’t need to feel guilty at all – I’d worked hard all week and could afford to take the time out.

Still quite like the naughty feeling though 🙂

Came home to the cherry tree full of dozens of young starlings out on their first flight and shouting their heads off – I’d have picked a calmer day personally to launch mysef into space on baby wings, but each to their own. Maybe they just felt like getting out there into the sunshine too.


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