2016: the year of spaciousness

Because there's more to life than work

Four seasons in one day

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IMG_1333The scent from the blubells in this vase at the moment is so lovely when you walk in the room – like faint hyacinths. Once the cow parsley and columbines (aquilegias) start to open, it’s like a sign that summer’s on the way, but it’s still spring for now. Picked these first thing yesterday, the green leaves are lemon balm.

IMG_1341Columbines are incredibly promiscuous and all the ones we have in the garden are descended from two originals – over the years they’ve produced stacks of offspring with different amounts of doubling.

IMG_1342This picture shows where the common name columbine comes from – columba is Latin for dove, and people thought that each flower petal looked very much like a dove, with a pointed head and fanned out tail.

The weather was scorching in the afternoon, and I thought it was going to be too warm to bake a cake, but the temperature dropped as evening came on and so tried a new recipe for a pear, hazelnut and chocolate cake. Pear and hazelnut seem like quite autumnal flavours to me, but I wasn’t averse to trying it anyway. Really lovely, although it did stick like mad in the tin so I ended up making the bottom the top! Not glamorous, but it didn’t affect the taste at all I’m happy to say (will take a photo of an entire cake one day).

IMG_1343And by bedtime it was as cold as winter so we got the hot water bottle out again. Wish the weather would settle down so that I can stop changing clothes several times a day!


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