2016: the year of spaciousness

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Rainbow scarf

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IMG_1328Well, the scarf/shawl I mentioned last week is progressing nicely and am loving how the colours are turning out. They’re actually a bit more subtle than they appear on this picture (think more like autumn leaves) and the wool has a slightly fluffy haze around it which also softens the impact. It’s Jawoll Magic Dégradé and one ball makes enough for a small shawl. I do love these subtly striping yarns as they keep you knitting to see how the colour will turn out next! The pattern is ‘Light and Up’ by Caroline Wiens and is free on Ravelry.

The pattern is lovely and straightforward and allows you to knit while chatting to friends, listening to the radio or whatever, and means you’re not reduced to behaving like a fretful harridan, muttering numbers under your breath and going ‘knit 3 together, yarn over, knit 3, yarn over,knit 1, cable 3 forward, **%£!!! missed another line!’  For those of you that aren’t knitters, this will seem like utter nonsense, but for those of you that are, you’ll know where I’m coming from. Suffice to say that it does not make for relaxation, harmony in the home, or anything else.

So this has been a great project to pick up in those short gaps after work, or while tea’s cooking. And as I switch off and work the stitches, I can feel my mind calming down, my breath easing, and the joy of doing something creative take over. Learning to knit gave me one of the best anti-stress techniques in my toolkit.


One thought on “Rainbow scarf

  1. I love the colours you’ve used here. Orange and shades of green are some of my favourite colours. I used to knit so much at one stage in my life, I knitted for every relative I could think of then I stopped and have never done it again. One day, maybe, I shall have some inspiration? who knows!!!

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