2016: the year of spaciousness

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Summer paella

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Ok, so I cursed the weather in planning to cook summer paella today – it’s been rainy, windy and cold too, but the flavours in this make you instantly think of holidays in Spain.

IMG_1232It’s a basic paella with onions, garlic, red pepper, saffron, olives, paprika, turmeric and rice, that you then top with asparagus, broad beans (both cooked) and tomatoes (raw) once it’s done and leave them all to steam together for 5 mins – then top with toasted almonds and fresh basil. Easy and quick to prepare in under 45 mins, just a bit of chopping – first made it last summer, think the recipe is from New Vegetarian Kitchen. Can highly recommend this book, made a lot of different things from it and they were all good.

Surely if I keep eating summery things the weather will catch up eventually???


One thought on “Summer paella

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