2016: the year of spaciousness

Because there's more to life than work

Evening wind-down

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This morning, we were both fascinated by the sight of one of the hardest working blackbirds we’ve ever seen going backwards and forwards with his beak so full of nest material, it was a wonder he could fly! In and out of the pots, borders and lawn, he was collecting all the twigs, moss, grass and other bits and pieces that must surely have been destined for a real ‘Grand Designs’ nest. His other half must have been well impressed – at one point you couldn’t see him when he turned to face us he was carrying so much. I was dying to get a picture of him, but didn’t want to disturb him – so here instead is where the nest building is going on…


The blackbird nest is in the ivy at the top, while the winter jasmine below is home to a whole colony of sparrows. It’s about 6 feet deep now – there’s never a time of year when we can safely cut it back as the birds are either raising young, or sheltering from the cold.

No sign of him later today on a beautiful evening, but there was certainly a lot of singing going on in the garden, so maybe they’re having a house warming party. Next door’s cat was certainly not going to do anything about it…


So many flowers out today, and love the light at this time of evening – camellia…


Japanese quince…


And my favourite, forget-me-nots. We never planted any of these – one appeared one year, seeded itself and has gradually colonised much of the garden.

IMG_1208I really love self seeders in a garden – once you start to get those, that’s when the garden starts to design itself, as things grow naturally in the areas they’re best suited and look more natural like that. And the more plants you get, the less bare soil there is for weeds to grow in, so although our garden is crammed with flowers it’s much lower maintenance than if we planted out bedding each year. Which means more time for looking and enjoying 🙂


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