2016: the year of spaciousness

Because there's more to life than work

Counting blessings

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Well, this week has been a good one for life lessons. I came home on Thursday to find my other half in hospital, having fallen off the ladders while trying to fix some tiles on our roof. Thankfully he ‘just’ has a badly broken wrist, 2 dislocated fingers, a sprained ankle and a banged head, but it could have been so much worse. The last couple of days have been filled with us trying to adjust our normal routine – just getting dressed is full of new challenges as he can’t use his left hand at all. I have also discovered that I am the world’s worst nurse – I just seem to have no idea of how to do practical things for other people (perhaps because we don’t have kids and I was the youngest in my family), and we were both in hysterics at my pathetic attempts to help him get dry after a bath.

By yesterday afternoon though we’d both settled down a bit. He’d gone to meet some friends in town, and I’d collapsed with a book in the garden. The sun was hot enough to be in a t-shirt and everything around was really starting to blossom. This is the magnolia that just last week was bursting its buds:


It’s even more amazing close up:



And I sat there in these lovely surroundings and thought how incredibly lucky we were that we were both able to do those things on such a glorious day, and that we weren’t instead trying to confront all the much more serious ways that things could have turned out. And realising that this has been, despite it all, a blessing, will hopefully make it easier to adjust until he gets the use of his arm back.


And by the time the green shoots of the day lilies at the back of this photo start to show their yellow flowers, things will hopefully be back to normal.


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