2016: the year of spaciousness

Because there's more to life than work

Warmth of the sun

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Oh, what a fantastic day! I’m not saying it was tropical, but for the first time this year it was actually possible to sit out without the risk of frostbite. The wind had changed direction slightly and dropped a bit, and in sheltered spots you could almost have thought it was spring. We walked down to the RSPB reserve this morning and the light reflecting off the water was just dazzling. Loads of birds around and we saw two avocets (the RSPB symbol) as well.

After lunch, I finished off the gloves I started a couple of weeks ago and then headed into the garden with my Kindle. With a scarf, boots, woolly jumper and my new gloves on, I was quite happy to sit out there for 3 hours and just soak up the sunshine. It feels so long since I did that, and when my other half got in he joined me out there with a freshly brewed cafetiere. Bliss.

Our cat, Tilly, enjoyed having some company in the garden for a change and sat by me all afternoon. She’s an ex feral and has only been comfortable sitting with us outside for about a year (we’ve had her for 10 years), so it still seems amazing having her so near.


New recipe time tonight, made ‘mr jefferson’s parmigiana pie’ from the very tempting pieminister recipe book and a raspberry, oat and almond bake from Rosie Sykes published in The Guardian. The pie was a variation on melanzane parmigiana (layers of aubergine, cheese and tomato sauce) which I’ve made before, but this was definitely the best version I’ve tried – other half pronounced it to be ‘absolutely perfect’ so it’s going to be a keeper!

It looked pretty good going into the oven…

IMG_1129…but it looked even better coming out, although I forgot to take a picture until afterwards!


The raspberry bake was also great, and prettiest while I was still making it:

IMG_1131Very crumbly – would have liked it a bit moister, but the almond flavour was lovely. I don’t think we’ll be needing any supper tonight…lovely sunset to round the day off instead.



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