2016: the year of spaciousness

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Planning and dreaming

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I am one of life’s planners. Show me something that needs doing, and I can easily break it down into all the little steps you need to make it a reality. However, I’m also one of life’s dreamers, with a tendency to read about things, imagine how great they would be, and then never actually do them. And I’ve never been really sure how the two traits sit alongside each other. Surely, if I’m good at planning, then I can apply these skills in all circumstances?

Well, apparently not. I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently, as since leaving work and starting my own business I now have the freedom to shape my life just how I want it (ahem. Obviously I’m also taking my other half’s views into account as well, since he reads this blog too :-)) And yet I still find it hard to do some of the things I picture being in my ‘ideal life’ – making time for things like yoga, drawing, sewing – which I know aren’t huge ambitions, but I like the idea of doing them.

I’m beginning to think this has a lot to do with my other trait of being a perfectionist. Whilst I love learning new things on an intellectual basis, I hate learning practical things with a passion. Playing the guitar, skating, martial arts, stained glass making – you name it, I’ve packed it in in a temper because I couldn’t do it straight away. I must be the only person who’s ever walked out of a Tai Chi class because they got stressed over the warm up exercises (it was a lot of years ago, okay, and I like to think I’d behave slightly better these days). However, maybe I’m missing out on a lot of fun by only doing things that I’m confident I can easily master. So over the next few weeks I’m going to dig out my art materials, stop gazing at the books on how to do it, and just have a go.


And no, I won’t be showing the results on here – well, not till they’re perfect anyway 🙂


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