2016: the year of spaciousness

Because there's more to life than work

Blowing away the cobwebs

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Not had chance to post much the last couple of days as work’s been busy, so after clearing a couple of deadlines this afternoon I headed out for a run. I was still a bit achey after my Monday run (when we worked it out later we realised we’d covered almost 8 miles that day on trails!) so it was a good opportunity to stretch out, get the fog out of my head and enjoy the sunshine.

I really like using runs as a break within the day, as there are multiple benefits:

  • You’re exercising, so you’re burning off any stressors accumulated since you got up
  • You’re out in nature (or suburbia, at any rate) which is good for your soul
  • You get fresh air, bird song, the chance to say hi to people…all good after a morning at your desk
  • A glow of virtuosity when you’ve completed it

Still glorious weather but so cold – the chionodoxas were braving it though (cracking name – think their common one ‘Glory of the Snow’ is even better, but am really hoping we’ve seen the last of the snow for now…


Store cupboard tea as I hadn’t planned anything – rooted through the cupboards and made a veggie sausage casserole with celery, onions and apple. Maybe more like December fare, but the temperature out there matches, so I’m waiting a bit longer yet before I roll out salads and couscous!


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