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Inspiring reading

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I love books – I have library cards in 3 separate counties (well, you never know when you might need a book when you’re out and about, right?) and have a room in my house devoted to them, but I found my addiction went up a notch when my other half bought me a Kindle for my birthday last month. I’ve always been adamant I didn’t want one, as I love the feel and look of paper books, so what changed my mind? Briefly, Project Gutenberg. If you have an e-reader and haven’t heard of this, go and have a look. It’s a mind-blowing resource of all out of copyright literature – free of charge. This includes most literature written before the early 1920’s – fiction and non-fiction, and just browsing the author lists throws up some amazing sounding titles (‘Tobogganing on Parnassus’ anyone?)

Last night I downloaded ‘The Enchanted April’ and am really enjoying it – the story of two downtrodden middle-class housewives in 1920’s London who throw caution to the winds and rent a castle in Italy for a month to the shock/disinterest of their respective husbands. The descriptions of their first day in Italy with the sunshine, warmth and flowers is just beautiful – and then I looked out the window and realised it was pretty nice here too, so went for a walk.

Our local park always has a fantastic display of crocuses in spring, and even though I knew they’d been out for a while I hoped the cold weather might have made them last longer. It had!


I go and see these every year and they still take my breath away. It must have been a huge job planting all these originally, but the display they make each spring always seems like the fanfare that kicks off the growing season.


Enchanted March, I think.


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