2016: the year of spaciousness

Because there's more to life than work

It looks like spring!

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Well it might look like spring, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it. Wall to wall blue sky this morning so we headed off for a walk down to the marshes near our house and the beach. The marshes are part of a big RSPB reserve, and are always full at this time of year of huge flocks of birds – lapwings, geese, gulls, ducks and lots of other breeds that I don’t recognise but which draw in huge crowds of twitchers (bird watchers, for the uninitiated) from autumn through to spring. The views were fantastic right across to the distant hills which are still covered in snow. But wow, it was cold. The wind is coming straight from the East and it can’t have been more than a degree of two above freezing. Found a lovely sheltered hollow behind one of the large dunes and saw this blackthorn tree just coming into flower.

IMG_1080This is about a month late I reckon – they usually start flowering around the end of February round here, but it’s been so cold this year that they’re only just starting to catch up.

Came home and baked a rhubarb cake, only to help myself thaw out, honest.


Such a pretty raw ingredient!


Ready to go in the oven…got the recipe from this month’s The Simple Things Magazine, which I absolutely love, completely antidote to the ‘buy this!’ message of most magazines.

One hour later – we’ve got an appointment with a warm cake and some freshly brewed coffee!



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