2016: the year of spaciousness

Because there's more to life than work

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I’ve had a really busy few days with work and not had time to post. However, I’m not feeling exhausted/stressed or many of the emotions that I have felt in the past after a hectic period of work, but rather exhilarated and positive. The reason for that is that over the last 2 days I’ve been spending time with a huge variety of people – of many different ages, backgrounds and nationalities but with one thing in common: wanting to make a positive change, either to themselves or to the world. I don’t think I heard a grumble or moan the entire time. That sort of energy is amazingly beneficial to be around, and you find that energy begets energy – a real positive circle.

How often do we surround ourselves with people or things that make us feel bad and then wonder why it’s so hard to create the change we want to see in our lives? I’m not suggesting a blind ‘let’s ignore the negative’ approach, but rather taking a conscious decision to maybe shift ourselves to a seat away from the annoying colleague who always grumbles about their kids, the weather, their customers – or whatever the equivalent is in your life. Try and spend more time with the things that boost your mood.

It doesn’t always work mind you. I’m bouncing with energy at the moment, but it’s having no impact whatsoever on my cat.



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