2016: the year of spaciousness

Because there's more to life than work

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Wow! This greeted me when I got up this morning!


As I live by the coast, it’s rare we get snow, and even rarer to get it when spring was officially launched yesterday. So I decided to pass on getting out and about today – plus I had some fairly complex writing to do so knew I needed to focus. Relied heavily therefore on the brilliant online alarm clock to set regular breaks (it sounds just like the end of class bell we used to have at school) so that I came up for air and didn’t get too bogged down. Seeing as outdoors wasn’t looking too welcoming, I grabbed my handweights each time I had a break and chipped away at the mission that is trying to eradicate my bingo wings. They’re not that heavy – each weight is 2.5 pounds -but it doesn’t half warm you up doing a few tricep curls (that’s probably not the correct term. I’m no expert here.).

Like to do a slightly more luxurious meal on a Friday if I get chance, so potatoes dauphinoise was calling to me tonight. Creamy, cheesy, velvety…snow falling outside – happy weekend everyone!


Sorry…we ate it all or I’d offer you some!


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