2016: the year of spaciousness

Because there's more to life than work

Freshly ground and homemade

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Having a plumber in the house all morning fixing our leaking kitchen sink wasn’t the most calming of starts to the day, but oh the bliss of being able to use it properly again! Was also really delighted to get some likes on my first blog post – so many thanks to http://morningstoryanddilbert.wordpress.com/about/ and http://espirational.com/ , you made my day!

Freezing cold outside today, so wanted some real comfort when I got back from my walk. What we refer to as ‘the coffee and flapjack moment’ has been a regular punctuation point in my day for some years now. Once my work’s done for the day, we sit down together and have a cafetiere of freshly ground coffee (that little electric grinder we bought years ago is one of the best £30 I’ve ever spent) and a flapjack. Ah yes, the flapjack. This is my other half’s speciality. Having developed the brilliant double whammy of a flapjack that not only tasted great but was also pretty good for you some years back (think lots of seeds, oats, nuts and honey rather than masses of sugar and syrup), he then discovered a taste for experimentation and now we have a different flavour combo every Monday (baking day). So this week we have rhubarb and dark chocolate – so good and rather pretty with the nuggets of pink rhubarb.


Though unfortunately they’re never around long enough to be admired, for some reason.



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